Massage School: Accredited As Well As Non-Accredited

For hobby use one can learn massage online. Else, prior to starting a course at a massage school to learn massage there are no real prerequisites required other than having a high school diploma. Massage school tuition can cost about six dollars to seventeen dollars an hour of education and the average usually works out to be nine or ten dollars per hour. For those who are in an unlicensed state and who wish to take a short program at a massage school they may expect to get a hundred hour training that would cost less than one thousand dollars and in the case of licensed states for five hundred hours tuition costs come to about five to nine thousand dollars. In a few massage schools, the costs include massage table costs and for those that do not, one may expect to pay five hundred dollars more in purchasing a table. If the massage school is accredited to an organization it paves the way to obtain federal loans as well as grant eligibility and these may be paid only to students that are attending federally accredited schools. There are many accrediting bodies and one such body is the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation.

Which School To Attend To Learn Massage?

One should ascertain whether the massage school one is considering to join teaches different types of massages thoroughly or is the teaching only superficially and would it be of value once one begins one’s practice. The second point that needs to be considered in selecting a massage school is what sort of practice one is thinking to pursue and if a strictly medical practice is what one has in mind then the best massage school would be one that specializes in such types. The average practitioner however would need a massage school imparting training that includes pregnancy massage, energy work, rehabilitation, relaxation massage and pain relief, to mention just a few courses available.

The more knowledge one gains the more it would help in making the therapist of tomorrow more capable as well as confident and thus be of more help to them in later practice. Also, the training need not end with graduation and there are many workshops, seminars as well as advanced training course available that should help decide on the most suitable massage school. Finding a massage school should not be difficult and there are many resources available to locate one that would teach different aspects to massage including shiatsu, reflexology, bodywork as well as healing touch techniques, all of which would qualify the student into becoming a more complete massage therapist.